ESD-series Zero-Loss Condensate Drain

Zero Loss Condensate Drains with magnetic core level control to ensure loss free condensate discharge. No unnecessary loss of compressed air.

Zero Loss Condensate Drains with level control ensure loss free condensate discharge

  • Zero Loss Condensate Drains with diaphragm valve discharge condensate reliably
    Condensate drainage via a diaphragm valve with large cross-section ensures that contaminants are flushed out and thus ensures fault-free operation of the valve. At the same time, the condensate is prevented from forming an emulsion that would need expensive condensate treatment.
  • Zero Loss Condensate Drains with alarm contact monitor condensate drainage
    All ESD Zero Loss Condensate Drains comes with volt free alarm contact.

Features and Advantages

  • Non-wearing magnetic core level control for optimised and loss free discharge of condensate
  • Integrated dirt screen between level measurement and drain valve to protect the diaphragm valve with alarm monitoring
  • Diaphragm valve with large cross-section and condensate pilot control
  • Volt Free Alarm Contact except ESD100

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AFE - ESD-series Zero-Loss Condensate Drain

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