In the chemical industry, toxic, corrosive and unstable gases are common parts of the production process, so the requirements for equipment can be very strict. Product purity and strict quality control must be maintained to ensure that manufacturers provide customers with the highest quality chemicals.

In most applications, compressed air may be exposed to the product, so the quality of the air is critical. The presence of contaminants such as oil in compressed air sources can cause costly product spoilage and production losses.

Typical uses of compressed air in the chemical industry include:

  • Process air - air used in direct contact with the product to clean, move the product and inflate the product
  • Control valves and cylinders - equipment used in the production process controlled by compressed air
  • Material handling - air-controlled pneumatic pumping system are used in volatile environments with no risk of explosion
  • Nitrogen production unit - in a variety of chemical applications.
  • Air curtains – to create a safe and clean area
  • Product drying - air is mixed into the product to speed up the drying process

Airfilter Engineering (AFE) offers you solutions for clean, dry and technically oil free compressed air and gas. AFE produces a range of high-quality compressed air treatment products to meet the various recommendations of the ISO 8573 air quality standard. Offering protection against contaminants, you can achieve clean, dry and efficient air with AFE.

Other Sectors

Explore industry solutions in other sectors.

In many semiconductor and electronics industries, compressed air is often used in sensitive high-tech equipment to process and manufacture electronic components. Contamination of compressed air can lead to costly complications.

As an important energy source for industrial products, compressed air has a wide range of applications in various manufacturing industries and is known today as the "Fourth Utility" in the manufacturing industry.

Before entering the co-generators or distribution lines, biogas must be appropriately dried and filtered to maximise the energy yield from the biogas, as well as to protect the system from corrosion. That’s where AFE’s compressed air purification products come in.

The core functions of compressed air system in railway include trains breaks systems, suspensions, doors and various other equipment. AFE offers a variety of reliable solutions for trouble-free operations.