Semiconductor & Electronics

In many semiconductor and electronics industries, compressed air is often used in sensitive high-tech equipment to process and manufacture electronic components. Contamination of compressed air can disrupt other processes, leading to costly maintenance and, in severe cases, can lead to complete plant shutdowns.

Therefore, in order to ensure product quality, one must improve the service life and reliability of pneumatic equipment and systems, by protecting the pneumatic equipment with effective compressed air purification and drying treatment.

Image Credit: Jeremy Waterhouse

Moisture Content/Dew Point Temperature Requirements

Different processes also require different dew points. For example compressed air equipment generally require a pressure dew point better than -10℃, and a semiconductor chip factory would require pressure dew point at -40℃ or -70℃. These dew point temperature requirements can be achieved through our range of compressed air dryers.

Cleanliness Requirements

Data analysis and research prove that the contamination of compressed air will greatly reduce the reliability and lifespan of a pneumatic system and its components, resulting in process damage or product damage. Contamination of compressed air will increase the wear of components resulting in production loss, quality issues and therefore loss of profit.

Airfilter Engineering (AFE) offers you solutions for clean, dry and technically oil free compressed air and gas. AFE produces a range of high-quality compressed air treatment products to meet the various recommendations of the ISO 8573 air quality standard. Offering protection against contaminants, you can achieve clean, dry and efficient air with AFE.

Other Sectors

Explore industry solutions in other sectors.

In the chemical industry, toxic, corrosive and unstable gases are common parts of the production process, making the requirements for compressed air quality strict. This is vital to maintain product purity, to ensure customers the highest quality chemicals.

The core functions of compressed air system in railway include trains breaks systems, suspensions, doors and various other equipment. AFE offers a variety of reliable solutions for trouble-free operations.

The ship’s compressed air system provides compressed air for generators, main engine start-up, submarine door debris removal, and other places on-board that need compressed air.

As an important energy source for industrial products, compressed air has a wide range of applications in various manufacturing industries and is known today as the "Fourth Utility" in the manufacturing industry.