TWISTLOC Quick-change Nozzle System

The quick-change nozzle system makes you save time and money

  • Quick: For putting in or taking out a nozzle, just give it a twist.
  • Easy: Without tool, just with one hand, even at locations hard to get at and under bad lighting conditions.
  • Safe: Constant pre-setting of the nozzle to the correct direction prevents any assembling errors.

Bayonet Quick Release System

  • Eyelet clamp with bayonet quick release
  • Diaphragm non-return valve with bayonet quick release
  • Bayonet welding nipple
  • Filter with gasket for bayonet retainer cap 065.202
  • Bayonet quick release retainer caps
  • Ball joint for bayonet quick release eyelet clamp
  • Bayonet quick release retainer caps for ball joint

Eyelet Clamps / Retaining Nuts

  • Eyelet clamp for retaining nut
  • Retaining nuts

Sockets / Nipples

  • Sockets
  • Nipples
  • Nipples with radius
  • Double nipples

Ball Joints

  • Ball joint with thread connection, female-female
  • Ball joint with welding connection

Nonreturn Valves/Filters

  • Nonreturn valve with filters
  • Filters

Gaskets / Teflon Sealing Tape

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