Double the flow with next generation PTFE membrane filter cartridges. Ultra-Pure PTFE membrane filter cartridges perform at the highest flow rate to provide the cleanest fluids at the lowest possible cost. Parker’s unique PTFE membrane construction serves as a low-cost alternative to all fluoropolymer cartridges in less aggressive applications and maintains broad chemical compatibility with low extractable levels and high particle retention rates.

The Ultra-Pure PTFE Membrane Series is available in 0.1µm, 0.2µm, 0.45µm and 1µm pore sizes.

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Pharmaceutical Process Gases
Tank Vents Bulk & Point-of-Use Gases
Filtration of Compresses Gases  

Compressed Air


Filtration of Solvents

Food & Beverage Chemicals
Sterile Venting of Holding Tanks Solvents

Sterile CO2 Filtration


Bulk Fillings


Microbial Control of Inlet Air for Bioprocessing of Foods