Belt Filter Press

Four main models have been developed for waste water applications: BS, OS, OSC and MS series. There are slight performance differences such as the de-watering of fibrous materials, sewage and industrial sludge, inorganic pulp material, inorganic pigment, catalysts, resins, etc. Further special models are available for special application or for maximum yield achievements (FP, KS and BSPP series).

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Belt Filter Press Catalogue

TEFSA belt filter presses have the following characteristics:

  • They are automatic and continuous.
    They are designed to operate without assistance from operator.
  • They have low investment and operating costs.
  • Low energy consumption.
    Even when operating on a continuous basis, the drive motors have very low power requirement.
  • All the models available in our range can be supplied with
    different belt widths in order to comply with the capacity requirements of each case.
  • TEFSA belt filter presses are robust and compact in construction.

Our designer and constructions have engineered in order to perform under continuous operating conditions without interruptions. They can be specially adapted when a small foot print is required in relation to the designed capacity.