AFE Compressed Air Water/Moisture Separator

Centrifugal separation to remove up to 99% of water in compressed air.

Compressed air is normally saturated with moisture in the form of water vapour as well as aerosol, and this needs to be removed to prevent problems further downstream at the point of application. AFE’s especially designed based on the proven centrifugal separation to remove up to 99% of the water aerosol in compressed air. Working in conjunction with other compressed air treatment products like filters, after-coolers and dryers, the water separator is a very cost effective way of further enhancing their efficiency by ensuring that bulk water generated in compressed air is properly separated and discharged from the system.

Reliable Mechanism
The centrifugal mechanism of our water separator removes 99% of bulk water and is simple, efficient and maintenance free.

Cost-effective Solution
Working with other compressed air treatment products the water separator is a cost-effective addition to ensure that bulk water is properly separated and discharged.

Prevents Damage
Moisture and condensation should be removed as quickly as possible to prevent damage to your compressed air system.

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AFE - Water Separator CS Series
AFE - Water Separator DCS Series
AFE - Water Separator RCS Series

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