Fulflo Glass-Mate PMG Filter Cartridges (Microfibreglass)

Absolute and economical filtration with pleated microfiberglass cartridges.

Absolute, economical filtration with Pleated Microfiberglass Cartridges. Parker’s Fulflo Glass-Mate Cartridges offer an economical choice for absolute-rated efficiency, high flow rate capability and long service life. A wide variety of construction components, end fittings and seal options make this product line ideal for prefiltration and point of use filtration for many industrial applications.

Glass-Mate pleated cartridges are available in 0.45µm, 1µm, 2µm, 3µm, 5µm, 10µm, 20µm and 40µm absolute-rated pore sizes.

• Chemicals • Coatings • Water • R.O. prefiltration

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Parker - Fulflo Glass-Mate PMG Filter Cartridges

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