Optimize process filtration with high integrity metallic cartridges. Parker’s Fulflo stainless steel cartridges provide the optimum filtration solution for fluids and gases in high temperature and high flow rate applications.

Available in a cylindrical or pleated design, cleanable stainless steel cartridges are the logical choice when natural and synthetic media cartridges cannot meet aggressive process conditions.

Fulflo reusable 304 and 316 grade stainless steel cartridges offer versatility of choice with fourteen nominal particle removal ratings, six standard lengths and a variety of end configurations and seal materials.

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Fulflo Metallic Filter Cartridges Catalogue
Heat Transfer Fluids
Process Steam
Hot Melt Processes
Viscous Fluids
Corrosive Fluids
Hot Wax
Aggressive Gases
Catalyst Recovery
Polymer Filtration
High Temperature Processes
Caustic Cleaning Solutions