Effective and economical hydrocarbon removal with enhanced polymeric absorbent cartridges. Parker Fulflo TruBind absorbent cartridges utilize a modified polymeric absorbent that economically and effectively reduces trace hydrocarbon contamination in aqueous fluids. The enhanced polymer, configured in a radial-flow-design cartridge, provides maximum utilization of available surface area. This product can be used alone or as an enhancement to other systems. Whether process fluid reclamation or meeting disposal requirements is the goal. TruBind can solve many demanding hydrocarbon-contaminated aqueous fluid problems.

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Fulflo TruBind 300 Series Cartridges Catalogue
Water Soluble Machine Tool Coolants Plating Bath
Alkaline Parts Washing Leisure/Commercial Shipping Bilge Water
Industrial Discharge Water Surface Water Runoff
Produced Water Disposal Gas & Oil Facility Wastewater
Injection Molding Cooling Water Car & Truck Wash Water;
E-Coat Paint Compressor Condensate
Pre R.O. Membrane Post Oil/Water Seperator Polishing
Tanker Ballast Water Floor Scrubbing Waste Water
Aerosol Mists Pre Carbon Bed