Axial-flow full cone nozzles achieve a uniform liquid distribution over a circular area. A rotary motion of the liquid is achieved with the aid of swirl inserts inside the free cross-section of the nozzle. Spray formation, liquid distribution, and shaping of droplets are influenced by the dimensioning and functional coordination of the rotary motions and the swirl chamber. Turbulent flows with different axial and tangential speed components lead to overall coarser droplets than with a comparable hollow-cone nozzle.

  • Extremely uniform liquid distribution
  • Wide flow rate range
  • Large number of available spray angles

Tangential-flow full cone nozzles are free from swirl inserts. Therefore, they are not at all prone to clogging. The full cone spray pattern is produced by grooves milled into the bottom of the nozzle which provide a defined deviation of the liquid flow to the mixing chamber’s center, whereby an extremely uniform area distribution of the atomized liquid is obtained.

  • Reliable in service
  • Non-clogging
  • Stable spray angles, unaffected by transient pressures

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