Axial-flow hollow cone nozzles. The liquid supply is axial, rotary motion of the liquid is generated by so-called swirl inserts or vanes. Axial-flow hollow cone nozzles allow to produce the finest droplets achievable with pressure-operated nozzle designs. This is also called hydraulic atomization. Characteristics are as follows:

  • Finest drop particulates
  • Narrow free cross-sections
  • Maximum spray angle of 90°

Eccentric-flow hollow cone nozzles. The liquid supply which is tangentially positioned to the mixing chamber, causes the liquid to rotate. A liquid layer forms around the inside walls of the nozzle which influences heavily the drop size. A rotary motion of the liquid flow is transformed at the nozzle orifice into axial and tangential speeds. A circular liquid screen is formed which disintegrates into fine droplets soon after leaving the nozzle orifice. This nozzle design has wide free cross-sections making it highly clog-proof. Chracteristics are as follows:

  • Coarser droplets than axial-flow hollow cone nozzles
  • Large free cross-sections
  • Wide spray angles up to 130°
  • Self-cleaning, non-clogging

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