In the lab or in the field monitoring

Parker Filtration’s icountBS is a unique and complete solution providing customers with laboratory fluid bottle sampling using proven on-board, laser based technology. icountBS is a next generation product from Parker’s fluid particle analysis and monitoring programme and provides an effective alternative to external laboratory services.

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IcountBS Bottle Sampler Catalogue

Product Features:

  • Quick sample bottle analysis with variable test time options from 15 seconds and volume capacities from 10ml.
  • Repeatable and re-producible result performance to ISO4406:1999 and NAS1638 particle count distributions.
  • On-board compressor and ‘shop’ air capability.
  • Environmentally controlled front-loading bottle chamber.
  • Design concept allowing for portability. DC and rechargeable battery pack power option built in.
  • CE compliant.
  • Fluid resistant touch type screen panel.
  • On-board thermal printer.
  • 500 test memory (fully downloadable)