Superior safety ensures higher safety

Overhead filter presses present a triangle shaped force distribution instead of the conventional linear distribution. This design provides stronger and safer frame constructions capable of holding up to ‘175 plates of 2000 mm x 2000 mm.

Mechanisms simplification: less maintenance

The overhead filter press has a more simple plate transport mechanism. It is housed between the overhead I-shaped beams. This characteristic has the following advantages:

  • Longer life of the transport mechanism with less maintenance.
  • Installation of one sole transport mechanisms which avoids synchronization problems.
  • Placement of all tra nsport mecha nisms in the cleanest a rea of the filter press, avoiding contamination and interferance with the product.

Inspection facility and discharge improvements

The overhead filter press allows the following improvements:

  • Easier inspection, better cake discharge and easier overall maintenance.
  • Reduction of cake residue on the frames of the plate leading eliminating leakage.

Easier access when changing

The overhead filter press allows complete all-round access to the entire plates and filter cloths surfaces, offering the following advantages:

  • No need to retrieve or disassemble the plate from the filter press.
  • No requirements for an overhead crane or further auxiliary devices.
  • No need to have a second plate pack for time saving purposes.
  • A quicker filter cloth changing process.
  • Operation can be carried out with only one operator.

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