Pneumatic atomizing nozzles are available in various designs to comply with specific spray and flow requirements:

  • Self-aspiration (siphon principle)
  • Supply of liquid from a vessel located at a higher level (gravity principle)
  • Supply of liquid under pressure (pressure principle)
  • mixing fluids inside or outside the nozzle
  • full cone or flat fan spray pattern

Pneumatic flat fan atomizing nozzles produce a flat spray pattern with extremely fine droplets and spray angles up to 80°. These nozzles are particularly suited for applications requiring fine droplets and a wide linear impact.

Pneumatic full cone atomizing nozzles, however, are preferably used for applications demanding uniform circular impact patterns or larger spray distances. Generally, a narrow full cone with approximately 20° – 30° is formed. Wider spray angles can be achieved by using special multi-orifice designs.

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