Portable Filter Carts (Models 5MF and 10MF)

Parker filter carts are the ideal way to pre filter and transfer fluids into reservoirs or to clean up existing systems.

Fluid should always be filtered before being put into use. New fluid is not necessarily clean fluid. Most new fluids (right out of the drum) are unfit for use due to high initial contamination levels. Contamination, both particulate and water, may be added to a new fluid during processing, mixing, handling and storage.

Water is removed by installing Par-Gel™ elements in the outlet filter. Par-Gel™ elements are made from a polymer which has an extremely high affinity for free water. Once water comes into contact with this material, it is removed from the system.


  • Filtering new fluids before putting into service
  • Transferring fluid from drums or storage tanks to system reservoirs
  • Asphalt Pavers
  • Conditioning fluid that is already in use
  • Complimenting existing system filtration
  • Removing free water from a system
  • For use with fluids such as hydraulic, gear and lube oils

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Parker - Portable Filter Carts Models 5MF and 10MF

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