S4A Software for Data Loggers

Presenting our new Software S4A. S4A stands for Software for Analysis.
We are proud to present our new Software S4A.
S4A stands for Software for Analysis.
The S4A software is our successor of the S4M-S software, which is used to read out the data from our data loggers. Based on this S4M-S software, we are releasing our S4A software.
We have gathered a lot of experience from our S4M-S and also involved your feedback in the new development, which gives the client a better and easier experience using our software.
From now on S4M-S and CSM-S will be replaced by our new S4A.
S4A supports downloading data from following devices:
Handheld meter: S505, DP 520
Portable data logger: S551, S550
Stationary data logger: S331, S325
Other instruments with display and data logger integrated: S120, S130, S131, S600, S601

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