S530 Leak Detector for Pneumatic Systems

Detects leaks through tubes and tanks by ultrasonic sounds, even from several meters distance.

Leaks in compressed air systems can cause thousands of Euro losses. The detection of leaks is an important maintenance requirement which traditionally can be done by soap water, but now by a US detector like the S530.

When gases are leaking through tubes and tanks, an ultrasonic sound is produced which can be detected by S530 even from several meters distance. The S530 transforms these inaudible signals into a frequency which can be easily heard by using the supplied noise isolated headset. The integrated laser pointer helps to spot the leak from distance. In unpressurised systems, an ultrasonic tone generator can be used whose sound will leak through small openings.


  • Leak detection in compressed air, refrigerants, simply of any gas
  • Insulation test of doors and windows
  • Detection of partial electrical discharges causing damages on insulations

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SUTO - S530 Leak Detector for Pneumatic Systems

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