ServoSaver filters offer point-of-use filtration for some of the most sensitive hydraulic valves that there are, servo/proportional valves. Complete protection is provided by non-bypass filters equipped with high collapse strength elements installed directly at the valve. The ServoSaver is designed specifically for this use and is not an adaption of an in-line filter intended for bypass filtration.

The Parker ServoSaver filter can be mounted directly under the servo or proportional pilot valve through use of a subplate or sandwich plate. This eliminates extra plumbing that causes higher pressure drops and system generated contaminant. Direct mounting assures that contaminant is filtered out before it can damage the valve or cause it to malfunction.

Microglass elements in 3 and 15 micron absolute ratings provide high efficiency filtration. Actual dirt holding capacity is excellent and contributes to additional cost savings. Elements have a minimum collapse rating of 3000 PSI and can be used with all common hydraulic fluids.

TruTell visual or electrical clogging indicators provide advance warning of impending excessive pressure drop across the filter element so that maintenance can be performed before system stability is affected.

Filter head and bowl are manufactured from high strength steel alloy to withstand high continuous or intermittent loads.

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Servo Saver Series High Pressure Filters Catalogue
Type Pressure Flow
Manifold, Sandwich Plate 4000 psi
275 BAR
30 GPM
115 LPM