The TEFSA sidebar filter presses have been specially designed and developed to attend a smaller and medium cake production requirements, a sidebar construction that might be prefered by specific applications and customers, and in the possibility of operate the units in

  • manual execution (HPL-SL and HPL models)
    These include as well manual hydraulic power packs, implying as well a full manual operation for the plate transport system a cake discharge processes.
  • semi-automatic operation (HPLE model)
    This include a full automatic hydraulic power pack but still equipped with a manual plate transport system a cake discharge processes.
  • full automatic operation (EHC, EHR and EHPT models)
    These are operated fully automatically in all the filtration stages of the cycle, including the plate transport system which is carried out without the intervention of the operators.

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Sidebar Filter Press Catalogue

Main Advantages:

  • Highest possible dryness rate.
  • Low polymer (and other reactives) consumption.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Extreme long life time of the equipment.
  • Low manteinance work and costs.