A rugged modular design for applications to 6000 PSI. Parker’s high pressure filters are the finest you can buy.

Equipped with TruTell combined bypass valve and indicator,a high performance, low hysteresis bypass valve assures quick return to the closed position following cold starts or other short-term bypass conditions. The bypass condition is indicated by the appearance of a red band under the transparent dome. The indicator has 360° visibility for easy viewing.

It also offers Microglass Media. Microglass III represents a leap forward in the performance obtainable in hydraulic and lube filter elements. The unique multi-layer design combines high efficiencies with exceptional dirt holding capacities for performance that is unequalled in the industry today. With Microglass III, you do not have to make a compromise between efficiency and capacity; you can have both.

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272/372 Series Reverse Flow Pressure Filters Catalogue
  • Industrial
  • Mobile
  • Marine
  • Mining


Type Pressure Flow
In-line, Reverse Flow 6000 psi
414 BAR
120 GPM
455 LPM