Adjustable Air Amplifier

Have the benefit of an infinitely adjustable air gap which increased or decreases flow and force. They have the same advantages as EXAIR's Super Air Amplifiers plus they are available in stainless steel for higher temperature and corrosive environments. Ideal for work areas with constantly changing conditions.

  • Available in aluminum and stainless steel
  • Infinitely adjustable and easy to lock in setting
  • Temperature rated up to 400°F (204°C)
  • Meets OSHA noise and pressure requirements

Force and flow for the Adjustable Air Amplifier™ is changed by turning the exhaust end (with the knurled ring loose) to open or close the continuous air gap. When desired performance is obtained, the knurled ring can be tightened to lock the flow at that setting. Utilizing a basic principle of fluidics, the Coanda effect, Air Amplifiers become a simple, low cost way to circulate air, move smoke, fumes, and light materials. Available in aluminum or in stainless steel for food service, higher temperatures (400°F/204°C), and corrosive applications. Custom materials, mounting options (flanges) and sizes available.

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Exair Air Amplifier Catalogue


  • Vent welding smoke
  • Cool hot parts
  • Dry wet parts
  • Clean machined parts
  • Distribute heat in ovens/molds
  • Ventilate confined areas
  • Dust collection
  • Exhaust tank fumes


Compared to Fans:

  • Compact, lightweight, portable
  • No electricity
  • No moving parts - no maintenance
  • Ends are easily ducted
  • Instant on/off
  • Variable force and flow
  • No RF interference

Compared to Venturies and Ejectors:

  • More air with lower compressed air consumption
  • Higher flow amplification
  • No internal obstructions
  • Meets OSHA pressure and noise requirements
  • Quiet

Adjustable Air Amplifiers are available in three different model types:

  • Adjustable Air Amplifier Only
  • Adjustable Air Amplifier Kits - include an Adjustable Air Amplifier, filter separator and pressure regulator (with coupler).
  • Deluxe Adjustable Air Amplifier Kits - include an Adjustable Air Amplifier, EFC, filter separator and pressure regulator (with coupler).

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