AFE Compatible Replacement Filter Elements

AFE offers a comprehensive range of superior quality Replacement Elements compatible with most leading brands in the market – available in 5 different filtration grades to suit all your needs for clean and technically oil free compressed air.

Airfilter Engineering offers full-suite solutions for all filter element requirements.  As filtration specialists, we supply one of the most comprehensive ranges of independently validated replacement filter elements. Specially designed to fit original manufacturers equipment, AFE’s alternative filter elements offer certified performance levels to meet the industry’s stringent specifications.

Available in a variety of sizes and series, AFE has developed a few different filtration grades to meet the needs of different industrial applications. Our filter elements use pleated filter media to offer the following advantages:

  • larger filtration surface area for efficient performance
  • reduced air flow resistance for greater air handling capacity
  • dimensioned to handle nominal flow to manage pressure drop
  • specially designed for low pressure drop for to maximise energy savings

All alternative filter elements have been independently tested according to the ISO 12500 and validated to meet the  recommendations of ISO 8573 by an independent third party laboratory in Germany.

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AFE - Replacement Elements

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