Thermal mass cycling refrigerated air dryers
Air flow 38 – 237 m³/min

The new thermal mass cycling refrigerated air dryers DE ETM represents the best solution for the treatment of high compressed air flow for all those applications that require low energy consumption, reliability and high performance.

Energy savings

The DE ETM thermal mass technology allows the units to adapt their own energy consumption to the actual load, ensuring over 80% of savings compared to traditional air dryers. DE ETM energy saving capacity can be further improved by activating the DDF system, an advanced technology of the microprocessor control that automatically regulates the DEW point on the basis of the ambient temperature, in order to reduce the absorbed power of the compressors.

New high efficiency heat exchanger

The new high efficiency heat exchanger, with optimized countercurrent exchange and integrated air-to-air exchanger, ensures low energy consumptions and minimized pressure drops. The accurate design and the integrated demister separator ensure a precise DEW point and the protection from any risk of condensation freezing.

Maximum reliability

DE ETM air dryers integrate a reliable industrial chiller, whose tank works as thermal mass. The careful choice of high quality materials and components ensures the dryer to work for long times reducing the possibility of damage.

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Technical specifications:

  • Liquid Thermal mass technology (water – propylene glycol) for the control of the drying capacity and maximum energy savings;
  • 2 in 1 aluminum heat exchanger specifically designed to maximize the heat transfer coefficient (counter flow) and high efficiency oversized demister separator;
  • Eco-friendly R410A refrigerant (ODP=0);
  • High efficiency scroll compressors equipped with crankcase heater;
  • Microprocessor control with integrated DDF function to dynamically vary the dew point;
  • Standard phase monitor to provide protection against phase loss and phase reversal;
  • IP54 protection rating suitable for outdoor installation;
  • RS485 supervision kit to allow the connection to BMS supervision systems with RS485 electrical standard and MODBUS protocol;
  • UL508A version: power supply 460V/3/60Hz.

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