Fulflo Slurry-Mate SMC Filter Cartridges (Polypropylene)

Maximizes Planarization yield with Slurry-Mate Filter Cartridges.

Parker’s Fulflo CMP Slurry-Mate Filter Cartridges provide uniform slurry delivery while optimizing the chemical mechanical planarization of wafer interlayer dielectric (ILD) and tungsten and copper metal layers. A unique proprietary melt blown media provides a particle classification effect, which improves service life while maintaining optimum polishing characteristics of alumina and silica based slurries.

Several particle classification matrices are available to match the wide range of CMP oxide and metal polishing slurries in recirculation and distribution loops as well as point-of-use CMP tools.

Applications: Oxide Polishing Slurries; Metal Polishing Slurries; Point of Use Point of Use; Distribution Distribution; Recirculation Loop Recirculation Loop


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