Refrigeration compressed air dryers with Energy Saving Impulse Technology and Thermal Mass
Large condenser for high ambient temperatures; minimum pressure drops ensured by the advanced 3-in-1 heat exchanger (<0,2 bar); lowest environmental impact by eco-friendly refrigerants.
Nominal rate flow 0,6 – 39,0 m³/min


Impulse Technology:

  • Typically refrigerated air dryers are usually sized for the most extreme work- ing conditions (i.e., summer season with the air compressor operating at maximum load), however this condition is rarely achieved;
  • Air demand usually uctuate during the day and average ambient and inlet temperatures throughout the year are much lower than maximum used to size the system, so that the dryer rarely operate at full load;
  • Impulse Technology combines the technologies of regulation by impulses of the refrigerant ow (cooling capacity control for medium/high compressed air ow) and thermal storage effect (low compressed air ow) to produce maximum energy savings and the lowest dew point.

Standard Features:

  • Large condenser for high ambient temperatures (Tamb max +50 °C);
  • Eco-friendly refrigerants: R134amod.0060-1200; R404Amod.1400-3900 (ODP=0);
  • New advanced heat exchanger: 3-in-1 compact aluminum heat exchanger (counter flow design) including an Air-Air heat exchanger, the evaporator and a demister separator combined in a single module;
  • Moisture separator: an high ef ciency stainless steel maintenance free demister separator offers perfect condensate separation even at partial air flows;
  • Compressors: piston compressors (mod. 0060-2400); scroll compressors (mod. 2800-3900);
  • Microprocessor control and energy management system DEC/DEC PRO;
  • Electrical panel protection degree IP54 (mod. 2800-3900);
  • Potential-free general alarm contact;
  • Remote ON/OFF function;
  • Phase monitor standard (mod. 2800-3900);
  • Microprocessor controlled timed drain including an anti-blockage ball valve and a strainer (with manual drain test button).

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MTA - MPiTECH refrigerated air dryer

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