Heated VEHDD Twin Tower Adsorption Dryer

Vacuum system to achieve lower evaporation temperatures with energy savings. No purge, zero air loss (energy savings).

The VEHDD Series of Desiccant Dryers manufactured by AFE benefit from a simple but effective design which has been studied and improved with many years of experience in the compressed air industry.

AFE dryers are manufactured to cater to a wide range of applications and the main benefits are:

  • proven technology
  • robust construction
  • reliable performance
  • easy maintenance
  • no purge, zero air loss (energy saving)

Technical Specifications:

  • capacity from 13.3m³/min (470 cfm) and above
  • pressure dew point down to -70°C (-94 °F)
  • maximum pressure of 10 barg (230 psi)
  • advance PLC touch-screen control with energy saving feature
  • zero purge vacuum regeneration system (other system available upon request)
  • optional IoT cloud connected PLC system for real-time remote monitoring

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VEHDD Heated Compressed Air Dryer
VEHDD IoT Solution

AFE heated desiccant dryers use high performance silica gels which have a long service life at high input temperatures, resulting in very low pressure dew points. The advantage of a vacuum system compared to other heated systems is the lower evaporation temperature. Under vacuum, water evaporates at a lower temperature when compared to under pressure. This saves heating time and is therefore more cost effective in terms of energy saving.

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