PVS Series Portable Purification Systems

Models PVS 185, 600, 1200, 1800, 2700
The Parker PVS Series Portable Purification System features automatic operation and ease of maintenance. This vacuum dehydrator is conveniently portable, and able to purify a system's oil on-site, even in the most demanding environments.

The PVS Series is a line of purification systems designed to remove water, gases, air and particulate from a fluid system.


  • Paper Mills (dryer lubrication, hydraulic, compressor lubrication, calenders)
  • Steel Mills (bearing lubrication, continuous casters, press roll lubrication)
  • Power Generation (turbine oil, transformer oil, EHC systems)
  • Industrial/Aerospace (test stands, machine tools)

PVS (Vacuum Dehydration) Compared to Other Technologies

Centrifuge units – Removes free water only; has difficulty breaking stable emulsions; larger envelope dimensions but lower flows; higher initial and operating costs.

Desiccant units – Have limited water removal capability due to absorbing material; only removes air ingressed particles; expensive compared to the volume of water removed.

Coalescer units – Removes free water only; has difficulty breaking stable emulsions; does not work well in viscous fluids (>100 sus); much larger in size compared to PVS.

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Parker - PVS Portable Purification Systems

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